Video: Teenage Riot Rotterdam 2018

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Last weekend when we were at the World Cup Skateboarding at Pier15 Skatepark in Breda, there was another big competition going on at Skateland in Rotterdam, Teenage Riot. The biggest skateboard contest for riders unitll 16 years old. Check out the video for an impression of the day!

Dennie Brielle

Results Sponsored 14-16:
1. Fransisco Noah, FR
2. Rintje Janssen, NL
3. Willow Voges Ferandes, DE

Results Non-Sponsored 14-16:
1. Max van der Linde, NL
2. Arend Spranemijer, NL
3. Wisse Hubregtse, NL

Results Sponsored 11-13:
1. Max Berguin, FR
2. Luca Dijkstra, NL
3. Diego Broest, NL

Results Non-Sponsored 11-13:
1. Viktor Solmudne, DK
2. Daniel Moragues, NL
3. Raphael Chaumell, FR

Results Girls:
1. Roxana Howlett, UK
2. Eva Chaumell, FR
3. Fleur Vos, NL

Results Rookies 0-10:
1. Noah Cohen, FR
2. Roxana Howlett, UK
3. Oscar Mattart, BE

Teenage Riot
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