Video & Photo’s: CPH Berlin 2018!

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The biggest skateboard event of the year is over, and what a week! The circus started last week in Copenhagen, made a one day stop in Amsterdam and moved to Berlin for the CPH-BER finals. Super pro’s like Jamie Foy, Luan de Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Yuto Horigome, Zion Wright and thousands of skaters like you and me were in Germany to take part in this super fun event throughout the city. Check out our photo’s and video for an impression of our weekend in Berlin!

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Mathijs Tromp

Tim Koster

Woody Hoogendijk

Jamie Foy
Luan de Oliveira
Ishod Wair
Jorge Simoes
Mano Wolf
Sewa Kroetkov
Konrad Unver
Trent McClung
Yuto Horigome
Alex Midler
Milton Martinez
Aurelien Giraud
Zion Wright
TJ Rogers
Phil Zwijsen
Yuri Facchini
Alexander Risvad

Zion Wright – 540

Zion Wright – Bigspin

Zion Wright

Zion Wright – Kickflip

How many legends in one photo?

The moment you win $5000

Scuba Steve, Proud Nike SB TM

Only legends make it to Flatspot Magazine!

Zion Wright – 540

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